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This blog post is to introduce part 2 of 4 in a series of videos showcasing a Microsoft Technical Community Project capturing the Human Element and displacement that occurs when social isolation, work from home, and homeschooling all comes together and the effect on us both mentally and physically as we face the pandemic of COVID-19 and the novel coronavirus. Inside these videos Katie and I break down the journey we each took with respect to our contributions in this still Proof of Concept (POC) version 2 of the solution.

What’s Covered

In order to reduce TL;DR effect we opted for a video tutorial broken up over 4 videos as seen below:


In addition we have created this ProMapp which gives your a visual of the various systems and roles. This technology is brought to us by Nintex Process Map (ProMapp). In this second video [Katie and I] discuss the end user experience that includes the survey and COVID-19 Sentiment Power BI report.

Check out the Video for Part 2 – End User Experience

Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. We are very keenly interested in hearing your opinions on how COVID-19 / coronavirus is affecting your day to day, so we ask that you please take the Survey.

Once you have taken the brief 8 question survey, it will automatically redirect you to this Microsoft Power BI Report.

Thank you and be safe!

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